The Introduction

With Many years of business experience, Our Firm offers a broad range of consulting, international & national trade, services, designed to help our clients maximize their business achievements.We are committed to understanding and documenting business processes and to providing world-class services in order to make Regalo Inc's work most efficient for our customers.

Our Consulting services are bespoke, Combining our experience of best practice With an understanding of your starategic aims and Organizational context.

What we do

Our UNIQUENESS is that we understand what you need.

NGO Consulting

We provide technical, legal, documentation services to help Non Government Organizations.Read More

Education Consulting

We offer a range of services to the top universities
in US right from identifying the prospect to enrollment.Read More

Imp-Export consulting

Our area of consultancy services includes handling all types of imports and exports matters. Read More

Property Consulting

We provide practical solutions for all sorts of IP & property related issues.Read More

Corporate Gifting

With a vast industry experience our marketing team offers you the best products for your company to enahance the company growth.Read More

Event planning & management

Years of experience in handling the event made us an enviable partner in the even management industry.Read More

Printing and publishing

We offer all kinds printing and publishing services for bulk orders. Read More


We help you with trading and its solutions.Read More